6 Feb

Bir Billing hotels

Indra Stay at Bir-Billing  is Best in the area.  Our stay is the best stay amongst Bir Billing hotels.   Value of comfort is very high. It is one of the finest property when you see Bir Billing hotels. We have proper ventilation  and super king size rooms. Four hundred square feet space in rooms. Branded and high quality material  is used in the property. We have chosen Jaguar for sanitary wear, Schneider  for electricity supply. Spacious Bathroom with separate space for taking bath is provided.

Lavish Property with Modern Amenities

Quality construction with lot of space. We have nine inches comfortable mattresses in super king size beds.  We use  best  quilts and blankets for comfort of guests.  Hot and cold air conditioners.   We are associated with the association of Malhotra Refrigeration Kangra, H.P. Who is a renowned entrepreneur for the entire district. Indra Stay at Bir-Billing is a premium stay at Bir-Billing. We assure that amenities here are matchless.

Hygienic and quality food at bir billing hotels

We have hygienic food for our guests.  . Firstly assure that we are the best in Bir-Billing and its surroundings.  Secondly a modern kitchen and qualified chef cooks a yummy and quality food. Thirdly Varity of food items with snacks are provided in side the hotel.  Last but not leats Varity of food is provided inside the Hotel. Though Bir is a small place even then we have created a lavish property here. Because we  want to have people those want to stay in a quality rooms. we have all modern amenities in the hotel.

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